There are three ways to add spontaneous memories to your Qeepsake journal(s). You can text the memory to Qeepsake, add it in the mobile app, or at

Text the spontaneous memory to Qeepsake:

You want to reply to the same phone number your Qeepsake questions come from.

Keep in mind that if you enter a spontaneous memory and you haven't answered your Qeepsake question, your new entry will be attached to your unanswered question. A solution to this is to reply with "Skip" to any question you don't want to answer, that way when you enter your spontaneous memory, it won't be attached to any questions. More about skipping questions.



Add a spontaneous memory in the mobile app:

Click on the green plus (+) icon on the bottom of the app. This icon is the new entry button. Add your new memory!



Add a spontaneous memory at

Click on the green pencil icon on the top-right-hand side of the page. This icon is the new entry button. Add your new memory!